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OPI Crowdfunding campaign launched

Yesterday we, OpenProducts, launched an Indiegogo campaign to kickstart production of our new product OPI. From the press release: “Today OpenProducts started an international crowdfunding campaign in order to jump  start the production of OPI – OpenProducts Information Hub. The … Continue reading

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Android, BlackBerry susceptible to Heartbleed attacks

And there you go, hot on the heels on my last post, Vicious Heartbleed bug bites millions of Android phones, other devices “The catastrophic Heartbleed security bug that has already bitten Yahoo Mail, the Canada Revenue Agency, and other public … Continue reading

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Security on old devices

Heartbleed made me pick up a thought I have had for some time now. I own a few elderly Android devices. And by old i mean 2-3 years old which I know is eons in consumer electronics. One big problem … Continue reading

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