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OPI – Under the Hood

I just wrote an article describing the internals of OPI. Could be an interesting read for anyone wanting to know more about OPI.

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OPI Crowdfunding campaign launched

Yesterday we, OpenProducts, launched an Indiegogo campaign to kickstart production of our new product OPI. From the press release: “Today OpenProducts started an international crowdfunding campaign in order to jump  start the production of OPI – OpenProducts Information Hub. The … Continue reading

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Avahi and local domains

If you like me have a crappy ISP that for some strange reason has a record for the “local” domain in their DNS.  (This is some thing that the avahi daemon is not fond of since it wants to handle … Continue reading

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Today’s useful command dmidecode From the man page: “dmidecode is a tool for dumping a computer’s DMI (some say SMBIOS) table contents in a human-readable format.” Very useful if you fx want to know which motherboard that resides inside your … Continue reading

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Corrupted initramfs during boot

What would you do when your embedded Linux suddenly starts to break in mysterious ways? I was faced by this problem “recently” and this is a compilation of my notes when faced with this somewhat strange problem. I worked for … Continue reading

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“WAS” assembly, part two

This is the third article on my mission to build a Web Application Server for my home needs. The two first articles can be found here “Lets build a WAS” and ‘“WAS” assembly, part one‘. My assembling was abruptly halted … Continue reading

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“WAS” assembly, part one

This is the second article outlining my work building a Web Application Server for home use. The first article is here: “Lets build a WAS” So, with all parts on the table lets build a new computer then. First lets … Continue reading

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Lets build a WAS

This will hopefully be the first article of a few covering the building of my new home application server. I have been toying with the idea on building a new server for home use for a while now. I need … Continue reading

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Nautilus Open in Remote Terminal

How cool is this! I stumbled upon this today. I use the “Open terminal” plugin in Nautilus (Linux Gnome). And when using this on a remote ssh share in this menu it presents the alternative to open a remote terminal. … Continue reading

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Using lsyncd to automatically sync folders

I of course use a Bubba to store all my precious data which in turn is backed up off-site using rdiff-backup. Rdiff-backup gives me the best of two worlds synchronization, giving me direct access to the files in the remote … Continue reading

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