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Excito applied for bankruptcy

So the cat had no more lives. An epoch has come to an end when Excito board of executives decided to apply for bankruptcy last week. What started some 12 years ago have come to an end. Johannes have briefly … Continue reading

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OpenProducts to take over Excito B3 product line

If everything goes according to plan and OpenProducts and Excito can resolve some of the minor details OpenProducts will take over the B3/bubba product line from Excito. More details and further news here

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Interresting times ahead?

While digging into data sheets on power management circuits is only so funny. Recent discussions with other “customers” might turn into a surprising turn of events. Most likely more information shortly.

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Avahi and local domains

If you like me have a crappy ISP that for some strange reason has a record for the “local” domain in their DNS.  (This is some thing that the avahi daemon is not fond of since it wants to handle … Continue reading

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Excito cancels IPO

After extending its time to register for the pre listing share issuing. Excito now cancels its IPO, referring  to the turbulent market as the reason for failing to attract capital. To solve its immediate cash requirements Excito is working on … Continue reading

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Excito hires new Sales & Marketing VP

Apparently Excito has hired a new VP for sales and marketing, Thomas Jell formally from Netgear. Nice work! Who knows, maybe CEO material? Aktietorget has the story (In Swedish). No news at yet.

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LinkedIn, Groupon and Excito

So now it’s official, Excito is doing an IPO and will be listed at Aktietorget. There you can read the teaser and the memorandum (In swedish).  First day of trading seems to be 25th of July. The “new” name of … Continue reading

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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

I started writing this when i ended my work at Excito, unfortunately it took a bit longer to complete than what i had anticipated 🙂 (Note to self, write shorter and more often) So today was my last day working … Continue reading

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Using your Android phone as an Internet device for your Excito B2/B3

So my ADSL modem decided to take it’s last breath this weekend. After a brief conversation with my ISP support the modem was diagnosed to be no more. (They should send me a new modem replacing the old one. Hopefully … Continue reading

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