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Why I prefer C++ when coding

So Google made some research (PDF) comparing the languages C++, Scala, Go and Java. The register has a nice write up about it here. And not to my surprise C++ won hands down. At least when comparing what I’m most … Continue reading

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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

I started writing this when i ended my work at Excito, unfortunately it took a bit longer to complete than what i had anticipated 🙂 (Note to self, write shorter and more often) So today was my last day working … Continue reading

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Using your Android phone as an Internet device for your Excito B2/B3

So my ADSL modem decided to take it’s last breath this weekend. After a brief conversation with my ISP support the modem was diagnosed to be no more. (They should send me a new modem replacing the old one. Hopefully … Continue reading

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Getting sound out of Stepmania

I migrated almost all my media consumption onto a Linux based, Ubuntu, Intel atom based Nettop with an Nvidia ION chipset a while ago. Previously i had tried a couple of media players, Popcorn hour and others, which where awful … Continue reading

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