When I said to one of my friends that I where thinking about starting a  blog he answered,  NBRYFB “NoBody will Read Your F*cking Blog”. Maybe he’s right and maybe not.

So why did I go ahead and start it anyway? Well mostly out of curiosity, will I have something to say? Will anyone actually read it 🙂

My ambition is to write about stuff close to me. That is Open Source software, software development,  product development, technology in general, personal integrity and freedom on the Internet.

Then who am i? My name is Tor Krill and I’m an “old” programmer 🙂 I currently working as CTO/Development department at the Swedish company Excito. My speciality is embedded programming in Linux but I started my career as a web developer in the mid nineties. Since then i have done programming in most environments and most languages.

I have been working as a consultant in many years but in the last 4-5 years I have mostly worked on product development at Excito where I architected our server product line “Bubba”.

Well I think that this sums it up. Lets get started…

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