Long time no blog

Hi there!

It has been quite a while since my last post. The reason for this is quite simple. I have been swamped with work.

Since I left Excito I have been working as a consultant/freelancer and “unfortunately” this have taken a lot more time than anticipated.

So what do one do when working this job or in other words what have I been up to? Among other things I have been doing some serious clean up of a project around a CPU-board used in a cash handling system. I have done some base work on a BSP for a train computer. What was interesting on those assignments was that the first project ran on the same processor as B1 and the other used the big brother to the processor used in B2 πŸ™‚

Currently I do specification work for a project on a water cleaning product. Talk about an alien environment for me used to work exclusively in a Linux workspace. I use a Windows XP based laptop to do my dirty work, mainly utilizing MS Word/Excel. When digging into their code I use proprietary CM systems and Keils uVision IDE.

And even if the assignment is interesting in many ways it has one major side effect. It makes me love my Linux Desktop even more πŸ™‚ Lets face it we have accumulated quite some kick ass applications over the years.

I know that there is something called Win7 which is supposed to be a nice environment. But WinXP sucks big times compared to any recent Gnome-desktop and yes, I know that XP is some 10 years old. But never the less XP is still used widely in the corporate world.

(Mentioning this I however can’t resist giving the Gnome people some critique. I mean Gnome 3, come on. Talk about loosing touch with your user base. Its a wonderful architecture beneath the surface, no doubt about that and Gnome 2 being almost perfect for my needs. But Gnome 3 makes me feel like being treated like a retard.)

But lets focus a bit on the MS world and start by talking about MS Office. Talk about a bloated behemoth. Using OO.org and later LibreOffice I sometimes cursed loudly about missing or incomprehensible features. But a few weeks with sluggish responses, corrupt tables, and almost unmanageable embedding of objects I will think twice before cursing over LibreOffice again.

Then come development environments. Keils uVIsion makes you feel like you where back in the nineties again when used to Eclipse and CDT. I however can understand that a “closed” company wants a centralized CM system even if that means that you are left with all problems that are associated with that. Git, I miss you!

So to sum that up, I just wanted to say that we really have a kick ass environment in the Foss world.

But on other news. Apart from pure work I have now teamed up with PA, who also left Excito this year, and a former colleague, and close friend, from way back HΓ₯kan. Currently we all do consultancy work for our new company but I have high hopes that we also will be able to do some other cool things in a not to distant future πŸ˜‰

Until next time!

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